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5 essential haircare tips - moms must try

Posted by Tru Naturelle on

Hair care is something every woman should pay attention to. Apart from washing and conditioning your hair on a regular basis, there are a lot of other things you need to do to have smooth, silky, and shiny hair. Stress, improper maintenance, and childbirth can cause damage to your hair and make it look dull and lifeless. Whether old or new, moms find it very difficult to find time for themselves amid childcare and usual chores. Must have essentials like hair serum after hair wash can be a quick step you can do. To help you maintain your hair, we have presented some ways on how to start an effective hair care routine.

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1. Identify your hair type

Finding out what type of hair you have is very important before choosing the routine that works well for you. Hair comes in all variants like straight, curly, wavy, thin, and coarse. You must also know the texture of your hair to make the moisture content absorb well in it. The density of your hair also matters a lot. Thick hair needs extra and intense care when compared to the ones that think and light. Try to identify your natural hair type, whether oily, dry, or frizzy. You can notice this after the day of your hair wash and determine the nature of your hair. More dry and frizzy hair requires more moisture content and conditioning regularly.

2. Choosing the right hair care products

After figuring out your hair's type, nature, and texture, the most prominent thing is to select the right hair care products according to your needs. The products containing more chemical ingredients tend to cause more damage to your hair. So, always look for natural alternatives. Go for products that don't have chemicals like parabens, sulphites, alcohol, and certain fragrances. Our Tru Naturelle's Anti-frizz hair serum is a wonder ingredient for all types of hair. It contains olive omega and other natural ingredients that will make your hair shiny and frizz free. It also lowers the dryness in your hair and makes it very much manageable and healthy looking. The major plus is that it doesn't contain any toxic ingredients or harsh chemicals in it. So, you can definitely go for it.

3. Schedule your hair wash

Now you know your hair type and the best products for it, you need to make sure of your hair wash schedule. Over washing your hair can damage your hair follicle and lead to increased hair loss. Depending on your hair type and your routine activity, you can decide your hair wash necessity. Most people wash their hair twice a week and some once a week. It is well-advised to follow the first routine mentioned above. But you can always choose according to your requirement. Not everyone has the same hair type. It suits thin and regular hair. For people with more oily hair, you can wash your hair thrice a week too.

4. Wash your hair the right way

Washing your hair in the proper manner can help you flaunt silky and frizz free hair. Always have the practise of brushing your hair and keeping it tangle free before you get into the shower. Rising your hair using cold water is very important. If you use hot water to wash your hair, it weakens the roots of your hair follicle and makes it fall in the long run. After you rinse off your shampoo, leave the conditioner in for more than five minutes. The mid-shaft of your hair is where the most tangle happens, and it requires a higher amount of moisture. Use a pure cotton towel or a light t-shirt to wrap your hair after washing it. Rough towels tend to damage and break your hair.

5. Style heat-free

Most hair experts recommend air drying for stronger and healthy-looking hair. You can use a dryer to quickly dry your hair, but the machine's heat will definitely damage your hair. Your hair will become excessively dry and will need moisture to look attractive. There are more heat-free styling tools in the market that you can choose as an alternative. Also, you can go for heat protection sprays if it works well for your hair type. Only ironing requires heat to be involved. Styling your hair into waves or curls is easy to do without heat. You can pin it up using a roller overnight and flaunt it effortlessly by morning.

Tru Naturelle is a brand that promotes hair care and skin care products, especially for moms. Our products are eco-friends and are made of natural ingredients that benefit your hair and skin. Check out our website and get our best here. We promise you will come back for more.


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