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A complete acne care guide for moms

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Acne is one of the predominant problems experienced by all age groups. From puberty till menopause, most women encounter acne as a major skin concern. However, when it comes to moms and mom-to-be, acne tops the list of skin problems. Many factors tend to aggravate the effects of acne on the skin. For pregnant moms, the change of hormones is the major reason for the cause of acne. Usually, it prolongs even after pregnancy and might leave dark spots, marks, and scars on your skin. However, with adequate care and a proper routine, the effect of acne can be minimized on your skin.

With all tasks and mom chores in your hands, it might be a little overwhelming to do your research about acne skincare. So, to save you from all the hassle in this article, we present a complete acne care guide for moms.

Acne causes

The first and foremost reason for the inflammation of acne is the change and imbalance in the hormonal level. It increases the level of natural oils that are produced by your skin. It is difficult to predict the onset of acne, but it usually develops based on your menstrual cycle. One or two pop-ups are frequent during your menstruation, but you need to pay more attention to your skin if you have intense flare-ups.

When the sebum produced by the skin is very much higher, you experience more acne breakouts. The oil secreted clogs your pores and dead skin cells. Which in turn brings in bacterial infection and leads to the development of severe acne on your skin. Lack of sleep and poor lifestyle can also be another significant reason for acne breakouts. Some of the other common reasons for the cause of acne are,

  • Certain medication
  • High gluten products
  • Cosmetic products that contain harmful chemicals
  • Overly dry skin

Care guide for acne-prone skin

When having acne-prone skin, you need to be more cautious of your skincare routine and about the products you put on your face. Even the most essential ingredient can cause your skin to flare up with severe acne. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to be cautiously away from acne,

Wash your face regularly – Many times, the cause of acne is the clogging of pores by oil, dead skin, and other dirt particles. Most time, your makeup can also do the same. Therefore, it is significantly advised to wash your face with mild face wash regularly. You can also check out our Tru Naturelle’s moisturising face cleanser, which makes your skin clear, soft, and supple. The deep pore cleansing quality present will clear your pores from the oil and dirt to keep your skin young and vibrant.

Add more fruits and veggies to your diet – We know you hear it everywhere. But it is important to stress the fact of eating fresh and healthy. Consume more fresh veggies and fruits that are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C keeps your skin away from bacteria, and antioxidants lower the chance of infection or inflammation on your skin. So, you can flaunt your eternal glow anytime.

Cut down on sugar – Excessive amount of sugar intake will cause high inflammation and tiredness in your skin. Some research also claims that more intake of sugar leads to rapid aging and dullness in the skin. Moreover, intake of a higher quantity of sugar may also release harmful chemicals and carbohydrates into your bloodstream, which is not necessarily good. Therefore, it is always better to cut down on sugar, and if you can’t, please limit the consumption.

Always moisturise – Another pretty important factor for the cause of acne is due to dry skin. The dryness in the skin causes the layers to break out and have a bacterial infection, which will develop as acne in the later stage. Therefore, it is very crucial to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated. A good moisturiser seals your skin with an adequate hydration boost, keeping your skin from flaring up. Our Tru Naturelle’s acne moisturiser, contains anti-acne ingredients that leave your skin free from new acne and heals old scars a lot quicker. The goodness of witch hazel lowers the dryness and reduces the acne irritation on the skin. Our moisturiser is ideal even for sensitive and oily skin.


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