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The many benefits of oiling your hair – Mom’s guide

Posted by Tru Naturelle on

Hair care is a tricky job. Although our hair changes with certain stages of life, it is essential to maintain a constant routine. A great addition to your hair care routine is hair oil. Frequently oiling your hair benefits you in many ways. We have seen too many queries pop up on the subject of hair care. Some of them are Why should you oil your hair? How to oil your hair correctly? Does oiling your hair help? Etc. To help solve all the questions and make the process much easier for you, we have provided all the benefits of oiling your hair every day or regularly in this article. Keep reading to know more!

Benefits of oiling your hair every day/regularly  

Below mentioned are some of the advantages and benefits of oiling your hair on a regular schedule.

  1. Helps in hydration

The most important thing your hair needs during the time of monsoon and humidity is intense hydration. Oiling your hair every day or at least twice a week will help in the deep hydration of roots. This will, in turn, help in preventing hair loss due to dryness and damage that occur in the scalp. You can oil your hair overnight to get maximum results out of it.

  1. Makes your hair softer

Oiling your hair has many potential benefits, and the most crucial one is making your hair soft and smooth. Oiling your hair every day or at least twice a week will help in the nourishment of the scalp and hair. It reduces the dry fizziness and fixes your hair in the right way. It makes your hair soft by defining your curls in the best way. So, you get to flaunt your voluminous curls along with major hair health benefits.

  1. Boosts hair growth

The right kind of natural ingredients infused hair oil will help you boost your hair growth. Oil your hair every night to let it sink into your scalp and roots. It will help moisture your roots and increase the rate of hair growth in an improvised manner. Multiple brands claim their oil makes your hair grow faster but check and pick out the right oil for your hair. Stay away from chemicals; you do not want to damage your hair. Although, using the right herbal oil makes your hair grow.

  1. Prevents the occurrence of Dandruff

When you follow the pattern of oiling your hair every day or at least twice a week, you prevent your hair and roots from becoming dry. So, you won’t have flakes on your hair that happen due to increased dryness, called Dandruff. There are many benefits of oiling your hair.

  1. Reduce hair fall

Having the habit of oiling your hair overnight helps nourish and moisturize your hair. When you nourish your hair, your roots become stronger, and it will prevent the loss of hair. When you pick out the right oil, stick to your proper routine. Regularly oil your hair to prevents hair fall and hair damage.

Anti-Hair fall oil

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Being suitable for all hair types, this Anti-hair fall oil has the goodness of Bhringaraj, argon, and Onion oil to boost hair growth. The inclusion of hibiscus and Kalonji extracts helps in giving natural shine to your hair and delays premature greying. It minimizes hair breakage and improves the elasticity of your hair. Click here to buy.

Anti-Dandruff hair oil

The Anti-Dandruff hair oil works wonders on your hair by giving you a much-desired clear scalp. Formulated and designed to reduce the dandruff concerns of mom’s hair, this Anti-Dandruff hair oil is infused with the benefits of Rosemary and Castor oil to prevent Dandruff.

The presence of Lavender and Thyme soothes your roots and scalp from itchiness and infections. The Anti-Dandruff hair oil helps in restoring your scalp to its healthy and clear state. It is very much effective in regulating the pH balance and controls excessive hair dryness. It is suitable and ideal for all types of hair. Click here to buy.


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