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Tips to prevent Hair fall and Hair breakage post-pregnancy

Posted by Tru Naturelle on

Hair fall and Hair breakage is a common problem experienced by every woman in today's scenario. The causes of hair fall are manifold, and they happen due to various reasons. Some of them are due to stress, poor health, and allergy due to chemical products, etc. However, postpartum hair loss is the most significant factor experienced by women. The continuous hormonal changes will take a toll on your hair, leading to the signs of hair loss and hair breakage. You would have tried multiple home remedies for hair fall, but nothing seems to work right. It is because you are not doing it in the right way.

This article will provide you with some of the effective tips to prevent hair fall and hair breakage post-pregnancy. Keep reading to know more!

  • Take Your Vitamins

Being a new mom with the effects of hormonal changes is quite challenging. You have to take care of the young one as well as dealing with extreme emotional changes. Postpartum hair loss is another problem you face due to hormonal imbalance. To nourish your body and hair, it is important to take your vitamin supplements. It is often advised to proceed with prenatal vitamin supplements even after the baby is born. By following this step effectively, you can prevent postpartum hair loss.

  • Have a balanced diet

Eating right after children is very important. You must have a balanced diet to get healthy hair and body. The main reason for hair fall after pregnancy is due to loss of nutrients and chemical changes in the body. Taking an equal amount of proteins, fiber and vitamins will help you bounce back to your normal healthy self. You need to include fresh fruits, vegetables, and Iron rich greens into your diet to rejuvenate your hair and body.

  • Skip heavy hair styling

Using hair styling products and tools will make the state of your hair even worse. Using heat-based styling tools with postpartum hair loss will make your hair thin and leads to more intense hair breakage. You can go with gently brushing your hair and put on loose hairstyles. Going for a heavy, tight hairstyle will give more pressure to your scalp and pull over more hair from the roots. Gentle hair care is needed using the time of postpartum hair loss.

  • Avoid stress

Being stressed can aggravate your postpartum hair loss and hair breakage. Becoming a new mother involves a lot of new duties and responsibilities, and we understand it might be difficult for many moms out there. But stressing on this will only worsen the state of your mind and body, leading to ill effects. You can enjoy the new mom routine by doing the things that you love. Put on your favorite music, take a hot bath. You deserve more love and self-care.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

Drinking more water and keeping yourself hydrated are very important home remedies for hair fall. Hydration will prevent your postpartum hair loss along with the right nutrition intake. You can consume more liquid variants like fresh squeeze, etc. The right amount of water intake will give you the much-desired natural glow to your body and hair. Consumption of adequate water will regulate your body temperature and balance the amount of hair fall that happens due to excessive body heat.

  • Stay away from chemical products

Your postpartum hair loss can increase with the use of chemical-based hair care products. The presence of harmful chemical substance like paraben, sulfate, and SLS will damage your hair and leads to hair thinning and hair breakage. It is always recommended to use natural ingredients-based shampoo, hair oil, and other hair care products. They strengthen and nourish your hair by reducing and preventing postpartum hair loss.

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