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Top 5 Reasons why Saffron is an Essence of Youth

Posted by Tru Naturelle on

The extravagant saffron is a beauty booster used by queens and princesses. This spice can be used to achieve gorgeous skin that you’ll be pleased to flaunt.Yes, the somewhat sweet and nutty-tasting red vivid spice that your mom uses to season the rice is the one we're talking about.

Saffron is known to be one of the most expensive spices all around the world.It originates from a rare flower that grows in places with hot and dry climates like Iran, Greece, Morocco, and Kashmir. What makes saffron so attractive to women are the miraculous uses that this spice can bring to the health of the skin. These include:

1. Skin brightening & youthful peachy glow: One of the most raved about effects of the antioxidant ingredient saffron has to be its glow-boosting properties. Saffron has the power to clean all the dirt and pollution deposited on your skin without causing any side effects, leaving you with naturally beautiful skin.

2. Protection against UV radiation: When exposed to UV radiation, our skin experiences oxidative stress, which results in the production of free radicals.Your skin's ageing, fine lines, and wrinkles may get worse as a result. The antioxidants present in saffron reduce oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals, which are responsible for premature skin ageing.

3. Fighting inflammation: Saffron is a powerful skincare ingredient. The antioxidant properties of crocin, which is an active compound present in saffron, can help fight inflammation.

4. Treatment for acne & blemishes: One of the most important benefits of saffron for the skin is its potent ability to treat pimples and acne. With its strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, this exotic spice, also known as kesar, is the ideal ingredient to use to treat blemishes and acne-prone skin.

5. Heal wounds, cuts and scratches: The ability to treat scars and marks from previous injuries or scratches is one less-known advantage of adding saffron to your skincare routine. Saffron acts as a skin recovery agent that encourages the skin to heal from within faster by promoting cell multiplication.

The Best Products With the goodness Saffron:

1. Anti Aging Cream with Marine Plankton & 13 Natural Ingredients - 50 gm
Tru Naturelle essence of youth anti-aging cream brings international breakthrough innovation in anti-aging with the richness of saffron and marine plankton, a bioactive that reduces lines in 15 minutes.

2. Oil Free Daily Moisturiser with Sugarbeet & 5 Natural Ingredients - 100 ml
Tru Naturelle essence of youth oil free daily moisturiser is specially Made for Moms with 5 of the Finest Natural Moisture Boosting Ingredients, including the exotic spice saffron. It gives a youthful Supple Glow. This is suitable for all skin types, from Oily and Acne prone to combination, dry & sensitive skin.

3. Anti Ageing Face Serum with 27 Potent Natural Extracts - 20 ml
Tru Naturelle essence of youth face serum is specially made for moms with the 27 finest natural skin nourishing ingredients, including saffron that fights pigmentation, age spots, and anti-ageing. It nourishes skin health from the inside for youthful radiance on the outside.

Not only will using saffron make your skin seem more lovely, but it will also make you feel more rested, relaxed, and less anxious. We must learn to believe in, perceive, and experience the true beauty that is already present within us.
This potent glow enhancer may prove to be an excellent investment for your beauty routine. Give it a try and tell us how you feel !


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