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Hair Care For Moms

Posted by Tru Naturelle on

Who doesn’t want nourished and beautiful hair? Taking care of your hair demands time & effort and a mom’s life is more complicated than it looks.

But don’t worry moms. We have got you covered!

Here’s what you can do to get that glorious mane:

Opt for a healthy diet

Just like the body, our hair needs nutrition too. So, include plenty of vitamins and proteins in your diet to ensure your hair is getting all the nourishment it needs. You can also try massaging your scalp with a Natural Ingredients rich oil like the Tru Naturelle’s Repair & Regrow Strengthening Hair Oil. It is a unique blend of 16 Natural Ingredients like Bhringraj, Hibiscus, Onion oil and Argon oil that reduce hair fall & resist hair breakage and give strong, healthy, and lustrous hair.

Maintain a clean scalp 

A healthy scalp is the foundation of strong hair. And a clean scalp is the starting point of a healthy scalp. Wash your hair regularly with a mild, sulphate free shampoo accompanied with a massage by a natural ingredient rich hair oil. You can try Tru Naturelle’s Clear Scalp Nourishing Oil. It is not only Dermatologically Tested, Sulphate Free and non-toxic but also Certified Made Safe by International Body like Safe Cosmetics Australia. Its natural ingredients like Coconut, Thyme, Rosemary and Castor Oil help you get rid of problems like dandruff and itchiness and give you a clean, healthy and moisturised scalp. 

Selecting the right products for your hair

Using the right hair products always help improve hair overall quality. And what better than giving your hair the Best of Nature with Tru Naturelle. Tru Naturelle has a variety of products in their haircare range specially made for moms, with the finest of natural ingredients. From hair serums to sprays to different hair oils, each product is carefully formulated to address each mom problem effectively. Not only that, our products are safe, free of harmful chemicals and ethically sourced. 

Get enough rest

While motherhood is the best phase in a woman’s life, it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. Often this pressure of responsibilities takes a toll on your mental health, and its impact is clearly visible in the quality of your skin and hair. Stress, physical health problems and persistent illness can directly change your hair game. That is why it is important to enjoy some me time and pamper yourself with a nice head massage with a good natural ingredient rich hair oil. 

Hair problems can be horrible and impact your self-confidence greatly. But timely intervention and right products can really help you in a big way in the long-run. 


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